With profit margins upwards of 70% sex trafficking is tied to the second most profitable business in the world. As long as profits of this magnitude are available, criminals will find victims to exploit. EmancipAction is committed to driving traffickers out of the flesh trade through its work within the criminal justice system to drive costs up and profits down.

Why It's Such a Profitable Business

Traffickers' massive profit margins driven by an artificially low cost profile due to:

  • Cheap, slave labour
  • A "reusable product" - victims are raped for money up to 20 times per day
  • No effective "risk premium" - due to extremely low rates of arrest and conviction, and insufficient penalties imposed upon those convicted

We Plan to Drive Up the Cost of Trafficking Children

EmancipAction provides a forum for stakeholders to drive up the costs to traffickers. With a focused and coordinated effort between government and non-profit experts working within the criminal justice system, EmancipAction supports efforts to liberate more girls and effectively prosecute the perpetrators, thereby altering the "risk premium" of this business, and ultimately, the demand for minors.

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