How can I stay updated on what EmancipAction is doing?

The best way to stay current with what we are doing is to follow our regular posts to the EmancipAction page and our feed.

Can I volunteer or intern for EmancipAction?

The work that we do in the communities where we are fighting sex trafficking involves specialized skills in law enforcement, trauma care and intensive rehabilitation and education. At this time we do not have need of volunteers for those efforts. However, as we grow, we may have volunteer and internship opportunities and will post them on our website.

Where is EmancipAction located?

We are a virtual organization with staff located in Singapore, the United States and India.

Where does EmancipAction currently work?

EmancipAction's first projects are underway in India.

I just tried donating online and it didn't work. What is wrong?

EmancipAction employs a 3rd party vendor to process our credit card donations. Because of this, certain fields must be populated in order for the transaction to be processed. If you are experiencing any problems while attempting to make a donation to EmancipAction, please refer to the following tips below:

  • Make sure that the address and zip code that you have entered are typed in exactly as they appear on your credit card billing statement.
  • Sometimes large international donations are declined by a donor's credit card company. Speaking with your credit card company prior to making a large donation from outside the U.S. should resolve this problem.
  • If you are still having problems making a donation, please email us at with your phone number and the best time to reach you so that we may help you troubleshoot the problem via phone or email.

We thank you for your patience with any troubles encountered while making a donation to EmancipAction and greatly appreciate your support!

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