Millions of children around the globe are currently held captive for commercial sexual exploitation. We work with best in class partners to help find and release more children; to provide healing and hope for victims; and to empower victims with the skills and opportunities to build a reimagined life.

Find and Release

Finding the children has become increasingly complex and challenging. With ever improving mobile communications, "johns" no longer need to visit a red light district to purchase illegal sex with an enslaved minor. He can have her delivered to the venue of his choice - and the girls can be held anywhere.

Provide Healing and Hope for Survivors

Quality aftercare for survivors of sex trafficking is rare in many countries, oftentimes resulting in high rates of re-trafficking. The challenges of rehabilitation from this kind of deep, compound trauma are enormous.

Without very high levels of physical and psycho-social/spiritual care, the prognosis for rehabilitation is grim. Experience shows, however, that with appropriate and intensive individualized care, survivors can experience transformation. EmancipAction invests in building high quality Critical Recovery Centers (CRC) which have proven to have dramatic, positive implications for a survivors' long term rehabilitation.

Empower Victims with Skills and Opportunities

EmancipAction is working to support the development of customized educational and life skills training programs for survivors of sex trafficking. Partnering with some of the most forward thinking practitioners of 21st century education, EmancipAction is investing in building an educational program which leverages the best of technology and distance learning techniques to meet the unique needs of trafficking survivors.

EmancipAction also works with private sector companies to connect survivors with job skills training programs and internships to provide opportunities for a "reimagined" life.

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